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SAVE MONEY – this is a package of MP3 and PDF files for the song “Facts not fairy tales”, including both the full track and the backing track MP3 music files.

Download Files:

Download a package of MP3 and PDF files for "Facts not fairy tales" - everything that you need in order to teach, practice and perform the song with your children's group.

  • The Full Track MP3 music file
  • The Backing Track MP3 music file (no singers, just instruments)
  • The Sheet Music in PDF format
  • The OHP Acetate Master in PDF format

All the MP3 files are high quality 320kbps, and compatible with iPods, iPhones, Android phones, MP3 players etc. The files are packaged in a downloadable "ZIP" file, which can be read by all modern computers (as standard with Windows 7 and Apple Macs).

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Listen to "Facts not fairy tales":

Click Here to hear "Facts not fairy tales" on the Jukebox.

NB: the "watermark" voiceover "You're listening to MGBT.co.uk" is not present on the downloadable files.

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Facts not fairy tales
Matthew 1v18-25, Matthew 2v1-12, Luke 2v1-20
Facts not Fairy tales - it's Christmas time!
Facts not Fairy tales - it's Christmas time!

Shepherds with the Angels!
Baby in a manger!
Wise Men getting in danger!
Nothing could be stranger!

it's TRUE - God came to earth for me,
it's TRUE - He did it to set me free,
it's TRUE - I know that it sounds a little odd, but
it's TRUE - baby Jesus was the Son of God!

Yes it's..

David Heath-Whyte
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