About Downloads


More information can be found about downloading files here:

In the Downloads section you can buy downloads of the music files. 

These come either:
(a) directly as the Music File in MP3 - make sure you SAVE the file, before you OPEN it! - or
(b) directly as Sheet Music in PDF format - again, SAVE before OPENing, or
(c) as a ZIP package, containing various files as described in the product information.

Accessing your download

Once your payment has been completed (this can take a minute or two after your return from the payment site) go to "My Account", click on the "My Downloads" page, and the link for the download will be in the table of available downloads that you have bought. For most products there is a limit of 5 downloads allowed, although if you exceed this because of problems with a download, you can contact us to ask for this to be reset.

ZIPs and PDFs?

What are these strange things?
Universal file formats that are acceptable on a wide variety of computers.
To read them you need to get software, which your computer might already have, but anyway here are some links:

Adobe PDF Reader The Adobe PDF reader.
7-Zip The Open-Source 7-Zip File Compression software
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