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Sixteen superb songs about Jesus, his fantastic life and teaching, his amazing death and resurrection and what it all means for you and me. Songs for all round the year. "Are you ready for him?" Then "let us fix our eyes on Jesus", and "sing to the King!" NB: This is a DOWNLOAD of the Album.
This ZIP File* has both FULL TRACKS and BACKING TRACKS in MP3 format, and Acetate and Sheet Music PDF files. Track List:
  • Will you sing?
  • One Boy
  • Facts not fairy tales
  • Jesus has authority
  • One man said
  • If I was
  • Jesus, you didn't make my sandwiches
  • Goodbye Grumpy Feelings
  • Why worry?
  • John 14v16 - yeah!
  • So this is how!
  • Twinkle twinkle
  • Are you ready for him?
  • Let us fix...
  • Seven Signs
  • It's a boy!
*A Zip File is a convenient way of downloading a folder of files. Your computer can read the zip file, and copy the files to wherever you want to use them. The Image of the CD is shown for illustrative purposes only - this is a file download!
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